Womankind gala 2018

Womankind Gala 2018. November 13, 2018 6:30 pm. The Lighthouse Pier 61, Chelsea Piers, New York, NY 10011. Browse, Bid & Buy VIEW ITEMS. Sign Up to Participate. REGISTER NOW. Not Attending? You can still participate in the auction! REGISTER TO PARTICIPATE $ 0 Goal $ 146303. Total Donations. Donate Now. Create your GiveSmart account now to register for Womankind Gala 2018. First and Last Name required. OK. The sum of child item values for this field is $ A name is required. Enter your first and last name. Mobile (area code first) required. OK. The sum of child item values for this field is $ Womankind’s 2019 BraZaar: Big Top Bash. Live Auction Fundraiser Supports Local Breast Health . Step right up to the greatest show on earth at Womankind’s annual BraZaar gala fundraiser, a high-energy live auction featuring one-of-a-kind decorated bras modeled by Womankind supporters, set to parade down the three-ringed catwalk on Thursday, October 17, from 7pm-10pm at Key West Theater with ... Starts 6:30 PM Cocktails / Auction / Dinner Honorary Co-Chairs Cecilia Pagkalinawan, brwn.me Nina Pineda, WABC-TV Democratic Leader Charles E. Schumer Silent Auction Co-Chair / Charlotte A. Lee Honorees AsianInNY recently attended Womankind‘s 35th Anniversary Benefit Gala at the Intrepid in Manhattan. The organization, formerly known as New York Asian Women’s Center, works with survivors of gender-based violence to rise above trauma and build a path to healing. They provide services to survivors of domestic violence, human trafficking and ... By submitting this form, you are consenting to receive marketing emails from: Womankind, Formerly NYAWC, 32 Broadway, 10th Floor, New York, NY, 10004, https://www.iamwomankind.org. You can revoke your consent to receive emails at any time by using the SafeUnsubscribe® link, found at the bottom of every email. Emails are serviced by Constant ... Womankind, formerly New York Asian Women’s Center, works with survivors of gender-based violence to rise above trauma and build a path to healing.I was brought onto the team to aid in branding and planning their 35th Anniversary Gala in the heart of NYC - from the experiences, layout, entertainment, media coverage, guest list and more.

Episode One, "All Stars Werq The Subreddit Variety Show" [SPECIAL 15 MINUTE PREVIEW]

2020.07.05 01:04 Grotesquette Episode One, "All Stars Werq The Subreddit Variety Show" [SPECIAL 15 MINUTE PREVIEW]

Long ago, God lived in harmony with womankind. They exalted him, and he allowed them to live in piece. However, one day the mortals began to build a tower. When God noticed this tower he was enraged, and destroyed everything, and left. Therefore, the mortals had to start over from the ground up. At first they were disheartened, but then once they realized their false God had left... They could do whatever the fuck they wanted. This season, nine queens return from the ashes of their fallen civilization, and will compete for a spot in the hall of fame. Ancient city style!
u/KatyaIsMyBestFriend enters the werk room in her entrance look.
She lowers her mask, revealing a playful grin. "Are you ready for your daily dose of KettyMean?"
She looks around the room, perking up when she notices that she's the first to enter the werkroom.
"I'm first! Wow, that's something I've never said before..."
Talking Head: u/KatyaIsMyBestFriend, "Hi I'm Katyaismybestfriend from All Stars 1 and 2 other seasons I chose not to mention. I am the current reigning nothing because we stan a floppage. But, I'm here to show you my growth and other weird things I got on my body and also my evolution.”
> u/KatyaIsMyBestFriend: "My rugirl look is inspired by Vanjie I am seeing Leigh Bowery. I look like a raid boss ready to destroy the world. They ain't ready and neither are you henny."
> u/KatyaIsMyBestFriend: Hold up, wait, Let me slay yo ass, You think it was over but I'm still full of sass Always a devil just all glown up. Wanna cut a bitch? Bring Ketty back!
Talking Head: u/KatyaIsMyBestFriend, On season 2 I played it safe while bringing the drama, and that didn’t get me very far. On All-Stars 1, I became the Kandy Zyanide of SDRDR and won two challenges after my return. This time around, I have an established identity (that I definitely did not steal from Miss O’Hara so I need the lawyers to back the fuck up), sort of like a ridiculous over the top kinda drunk Disney villain, and have a newfound confidence that will get me that sparkling 3 pixel crown.
Ketty rolls her eyes irritably. "Hurry it along bucko. Bring in the next faggot!"
🎶 Electronic Dance Music
u/Ezidro3 enters the werk room in her entrance look.
"Hey, bitches! The bottom's home!"
Ketty wrinkles her nose up. "I can see!"
Talking Head: u/Ezidro3, "Now I know y’all have missed me, but don’t worry bitches, I’m back. I am u/Ezidro3, and I was on Season 1 and Season 1 of All-Stars.
> u/Ezidro3: “I’ve decided to re-do my Red for Filth look from the American Ball from my season by wearing this gorgeous red garment. On my season, I never felt confident on the runway, and it contributed to my many stumbles into the bottom. But going into All Stars this time around, I’m feeling empowered and stunning, both of which should take me straight to the crown.”
> u/Ezidro3: "I am guessing you have something to say, u/ezidro3?" asks u/thomashilfiger. "Not really!" says u/Ezidro3, "to be honest I loved my time here and I totally get why you and u/eufreka sent me home. It's all cool girls."
Talking Head: u/Ezidro3, On both of my seasons, my only storylines on consisted of me being dragged along by the lace of my WigsandGrace™ wig, consistently flopping and landing in the bottom until I was eliminated. But now I’m back to ACTUALLY prove that I can top as well as I can bottom. My face is snatched, this waist is cinched, and I’m ready to take these bitches on.
u/Ezidro3 runs over to u/KatyaIsMyBestFriend beaming. "I thought I'd seen the last of you!" u/Ezidro3 laughs as the two embrace. "I'm a bad bitch, you can't kill me!" u/KatyaIsMyBestFriend replies, smirking.
Talking Head: u/KatyaIsMyBestFriend "I feel like Ezidro and I are similar since we both didn't do too well on our respective seasons, but we proved we were All-stars, off the show. Ezidro has proved herself to be a technological expert, and the bitch is smart as a whip. All that being said, she's still kind of terrible compared to me."
u/Ezidro3 looks up at the ceiling. "I wonder if any other OG All-Star girls made the cut?"
u/KatyaIsMyBestFriend looks at the door. “Well, let’s see which other flops will make it through those doors.
🎶 Pulsating Club Music
u/slimthiccsnacc enters the werk room in her entrance look.
"Started from the top, now I'm a bottom!"
u/KatyaIsMyBestFriend leans to whisper into u/Ezidro3's ear. "Oop, she stole your line girl."
Talking Head: u/slimthiccsnacc, "Hi, hi, hi, everyone thought they wouldn’t see me, but I’m back! It’s your resident Season 4 superstar, u/slimthiccsnacc!
> u/slimthiccsnacc: Bitch Xtina got me quit and leave her, But she eats my cake just like my LoudMouth breeder.
> u/slimthiccsnacc: "Rise of the Inferno. In my finery I arise from the ashes and take the souls of all those lost (sorry Fancy). These 5ft wings descend upon the runway and take flight... to the top spot of course. Inspiration from Maleficent, I gather the dark sources of energy to destroy the competition and yous should be eating THIS UP!! RIP S4, cus just like Tyra bombing, yall gonna be blown out this competition too."
Talking Head: u/slimthiccsnacc, On S4 I felt so excited and prepared to get in and have fun however the more we progressed to more I got extremely competitive and too in my head that I was never good enough compared to everyone else in Top6. Especially being the only non-win contestant left.
> "Well you were in the bottom 3, you had just as much chance of going home." chips in /u/slimthiccsnacc,
> "Erm, who asked you?" responds /u/violetdior. "Talk about mental illness."
> "What the hell?" says u/slimthiccsnacc.
> "Who went home bitch?! Answer carefully." says /u/violetdior, dismissively.
> Talking Head: slimthiccsnacc, "This shit escalated. What the hell is she on?"
Talking Head: u/slimthiccsnacc, Sadly I lost control and may have got myself into petty spats here and there however I’m glad to say I’m ready to focus on myself rather than everyone around me. All Stars 3 here we come people!!"
u/slimthiccsnacc runs over to the other girls, and they kiss each other on the cheek. "I can't believe I'm competing against you two!" Slim laughs. u/KatyaIsMyBestFriend rolls her eyes. "Competing? Girl, don't flatter yourself. No one considers you a competitor." She and u/Ezidro3 laugh while Slim rolls her eyes.
Talking Head: u/slimthiccsnacc "10 seconds into this competition and I already feel like these girls are underestimating me. I need to show them just why I made it to the end on season four, and prove that I'm just as fierce as them!"
🎶 Bubblegum Pop Music
u/Spencerietta enters the werk room in her entrance look.
"I'm the queen of the fart-y and it's bestie time!"
The other girls all burst out laughing.
Talking Head: u/Spencerietta "Hi. I'm u/spencerietta, the o.g. Miss Congeniality from Season 1 and... do I have to talk about All Stars 1?
Producer: I mean, you were on the season.
Talking Head: u/Spencerietta, “Yeah, but I was blackout dru- **CENSORED**
Talking Head: u/Spencerietta, YAS and Wig, I guess, and All Stars 1.
> u/Spencerietta: I am now a gorgeous specimen of beaded lace and chiffon. I look elegant and stunning and I am ready to show these girls that I mean business.
> u/Spencerietta: " ⠠⠊ ⠉⠁⠝⠄⠞ ⠋⠥⠉⠅⠊⠝⠛ ⠗⠑⠁⠙ I CAN’T FUCKING READ!"
Talking Head: u/Spencerietta, I did well my first time around but across two seasons I still haven't won a challenge. But things are about to change because this bottom is back to be on top."
u/Spencerietta walks over to other girls and stares at them. Finally, she opens her mouth to speak: "Hi."
Talking Head: u/Ezidro3 Um.... Is this bitch for real?
"How are you feeling girl?" Slim inquires of Spencer. Spencer lightly smiles as she places her bag on a table. "Feeling good. Well, except about global warming. That's bad. Does anyone else think Lady Gaga is an interesting artist?"
A shade rattle sounds as the other girls stare at Spencer, perturbed.
Talking Head: u/KatyaIsMyBestFriend "I fear no woman. I'm a big-brained genius who has a black belt in Tai Chi. But Spencer? That girl scares me. Normally I can look into someone's eyes and tell what they're thinking. I look in her eyes and I see.... Nothing. She's definitely going to be a huge threat in this competition."
🎶 Rock and roll music
u/KiwisRgr8 enters the werk room in her entrance look.
"I'm just a hot chip off the old block!"
Talking Head: u/KiwisRgr8 "It’s me! u/kiwisRgr8, the legendary quitter of S3 and the only runner up from AS1!
> u/KiwisRgr8: "I am serving you Donna Summer the haus down realness. Love to love you, BABY!"
> u/KiwisRgr8: "No, wait. I put myself forward as substitute. Please. I don't think it's fair to–"
> Automoderator: "Then sashay away."
Talking Head: u/KiwisRgr8, As some of you, may be aware, I dropped off the grid shortly after my season. I had picked up a job as Wendy Williams personal assistant and “entertainer” and I’ve had a VERY busy schedule. I actually sacrificed all my vacation days for the next 8 years to prepare and be here, and I’m ready to snatch the crown."
u/kiwisRgr8 waltzes over to the girls, who embrace her. u/KatyaIsMyBestFriend hugs her begrudgingly. "I cannot stand this puta!" She declares to the other contestants who giggle.
"I can't believe four girls from AS1 are here!" u/slimthiccsnacc laughs.
Kiwi nods. "Right? It was so nice of you girls to show up to my coronation since we all know that All-Stars crown should've been mine!"
Talking Head: u/Ezidro3 "Oh... This bitch seems a little bitter!"
🎶 Mystery noir music plays
u/ErikaGenerika walks into the werk room in her entrance look
"Oh, don't mind me! I'm just here to..."
She begins to glow with a menacing red aura as she throws her broom and sponge to the side. She pulls out an impossibly big hammer and poses.
" ... B̷̉͗O̸͗͘N̴͑͝K̵̽̑ the competition, girl!!"
The other girls all scream in joy.
Talking Head: u/ErikaGenerika "Hey, girlies, I'm baaaaccccckkkkkk! My name is erikagenerika, but I feel like my brand won't be familiar and annoying as it was in past seasons; I wanna change things, no more emoji white gay! I shook up the Ohio drag scene and I'm ready to show why I deserved to win season five! Credit goes to miss ghostisha who wrote this"
>u/ErikaGenerika: “I AM STUNTING ON THIS RUNWAY 🤩 My hometown look is soooo CRAZY!! 😊😝😆 and cute 🐰"
> u/ErikaGenerika: "Blimey you’re persistent aren’t you, you remind me of my boyfriend Drake always hitting me up. Anyway HE is so greedy he takes both sides of my car, front and back, as I plough him down xoxo #notsorry!"
Erika laughs as she skips over to her fellow competitors. "Oh my God, Ketty! I love your work!"
Ketty smiles. "Thank you dear. My reputation proceeds me it seems. And.... You are?"
The smile from Erika's face fades as all the other girls burst out laughing.
u/Ezidro3 wipes a tear away from her eye. "Sorry Erika. Ketty hasn't watched any season after All Stars One!"
Talking Head: u/ErikaGenerika "These other girls are hateful! But I'll let them underestimate me for now. I almost won Season 5, and if these hoes don't wake up soon they won't know what Ḃ̠̥̗̌̃O̘͂N̻̖̓̔͛̋͜͢K̤̬̫̜̃̒̌̆Ȇ̺͚̍D̬͆ them once I send their asses home!"
🎶 God Save The Queen
u/penelopetration walks into the werk room in her entrance look
"Oi wot luv are yew fackin' schewpid?"
The room is dead silent.
Kiwi turns to Slim. "Isn't that u/mattisnotavegan?"
Slim shakes his head. "No, I think her name is u/penelopetration".
Confessional: u/Spencerietta "Does anyone else think that Penelope is... Well.... Absolute shit? Love her though!❤️ "
🎶 Jurassic Park Theme
u/ShashaShtan walks into the werk room in her entrance look.
The girls are all gagged.
u/Ezidro3: Is that a u/ShashaStan?
u/ErikaGenerika: That’s miss u/ShashaStan girl!
Talking Head: u/ShashaShtan "Whats good faggots. Im u/ShashaShtan, and I am the current reigning Fagula Champion. After (and during) my season, I got a lot of shit for being mediocre, so I’m here to show all these bitches I DESERVED my crown, and I’m here to get another."
> u/ShashaShtan: And I’m very stressed because. My chronic masturbation returned. Now Adele’s skinny.
> u/ShashaShtan: To represent all the roadmen that have broke my lil fag heart, I’m giving you a wavy outfit (like the song get it).
u/KatyaIsMyBestFriend looks Shasha up and down. "Wait, aren't you the girl who won Fagula? Ugh, u/-_-whodat was so robbed.
u/ErikaGenerika interrupts. "Are you kidding me?! It should've gone to u/MyspaceChristianGirl!
Penelope pipes up. "Oi lavs I dunt know wat dis Fagula busnis is init but leave da poor lass alone!" The girls all continue to argue with each other.
Talking Head: u/ShashaShtan "My win is being invalidated, surprise surprise. I'll let these bitches talk their talk for now. But once I start walking the walk, that crown is mine. Can't wait to watch history repeat itself!"
🎶 The HampsterDance Song begins blaring
u/DrownedHarassedRat scampers into the werk room in her entrance look.
"Okay All Stars, it's time for wineeeer!"
The other girls all gasp is shock. Rat swirls around and poses for the cameras, as The HampsterDance Song continues blaring:
"Dibidi ba didi dou dou! Di ba didi dou! Didi didldildidldidl houdihoudi dey dou!"
u/Spencerietta nods to the lyrics of the song, as tears stream down her cheeks. "Ugh, I felt that!"
Confessional: u/DrownedHarassedRat "Greetings, humans! It is I, the one and only trashy, Christian, sewer faggot! Most of you might know me for my constant bottoming on S4 of SDRDR, but I have shown that I can top the competition by winning Fagula S1. Talk about versatility! I'm back to have fun and be the first queen to win two times and I don't give a rat's ass if I have to play ~~mind~~ games to get there :)"
> u/DrownedHarassedRat: Naked, rich, and ratchet, Go low on all these fags, One after the other, Bitch, this rat doesn't gag!
> u/DrownedHarassedRat: "I've been controlling humans by the hair on their head for all of these runways, but now it's time to show my true form. This rat queen isn't going anywhere, honey. Forget Year of the Rat, my reign lasts eons! Or only until the cockroaches outlive me."
u/penelopetration cowers in the corner as The HampsterDance song continues to blare. "This one is a powerful lil slag... Innit?"
u/DrownedHarassedRat winks at the camera.
Talking Head: u/ShashaStan, “I am so excited to see another winner on this season. u/DrownedHarassedRat is an icon, and so sweet, but that’s how she get you. Don’t let that sweet smile, and voice get you. She will slay everyone before they can even notice.
Finally, The HampsterDance song is cut off. u/DrownedHarassedRat runs and hugs the girls.
u/kiwisrgr8: Gag! Two winners, girls.
Talking Head: u/kiwisrgr8, Not only are we competing with one but TWO winners. All Stars 3 isn’t playing!
The door swings open.
Automoderator: "HELLO HELLO HELLO! Wow, my cast of All Stars 3... truly some of the best queens to walk through those doors. Tonight we're holding a Talent Show extravaganza! To be judged by the one and only.... Lady Gaga ( u/mixedanxiety ) !!!"
The other girls all scream in disbelief. u/slimthiccsnacc starts crying.
Confessional: u/slimthiccsnacc "I can't tell you I've been the closest to death and Chromatica has pulled me out of it and she doesn't even realize what she does for people and how much she inspires people like me, and all of us. And I just wanna tell her she's so amazing!!!"
Automoderator: "Now, All Stars rules are in full swing. Each week, the judges and I will pick our tops and bottoms. The top two will lipsync for their legacy and whoever wins will get the power to eliminate one of the bottom queens. And to kick things off, we are taking a lil' trip to... the library! Because reading is what?"
"Fundamental!" say the queens in unison.
"Shashastan! Reddit's next drag fupastar!"
" KiwisRmediocre... I mean kiwisRgr8!"
"Kiwi just like the fruit and Matt, sour. Speaking of Penelope hi girl! You have such a huge advantage. Now that you do spooky drag you don't even have to wear makeup!"
"Erika I'm not gonna read you for buying jokes but after that reading challenge you might need a refund."
"ShaSha, I love in the groupchat you have the name of ‘ShaSha Shake That Ass’ but judging my your tiktok, it suggests otherwise"
"Spencer, I have to say I loved your snatch game as Helen Keller .... as it was the first time you shut the fuck up."
"Being KatyaIsMyBestFriend's daughter, she always taught me that if I lose the first time, I can still win the next. And I indeed won on my second try! Too bad she can't follow her own advice. She's on her fifth try and still has not won!"
" I'm trying to remember some iconic things about these lovely queens but I haven't seen some of them in a looong time so I might get things wrong. Let's start with u/Ezidro3. Hi! Oh wait, that's u/spencerietta 's catchphrase. Let me try again. High! Oh I'm sorry, that's u/SlimThiccSnacc 's thing. Give me one more chance! Bye! That's the word I'm looking for! How could I forget that? Automod has told you that twice on the show already!
"Ketty sweetie, if you needed a 4th time to cum and prove yourself, I’m not sure that SDRDR is your thing. However, I know somewhere where you’ll fit in just fine! ChristianMingle."
"Now Spencer, we know that all you say on the Dear Diary thread is “Hi,” but judging by that face, I think we’ll all be saying “bye!” sooner or later."
"Ketty Mean, with that much makeup, all of your wigs, AND....um, light on your face, maybe we should call you....Ketty Mirage"
"Spencer: Doctors use a picture of her to solve Viagra users with full- with the- to solve Viagra users with erections lasting longer than four hours. "
"Ketty reminds me of a fleshlight. He provides mediocre entertainment, everyone enjoys them, but we’d pretend we didn’t know him if someone asked."
"Penelopetration, are you just legs and a head? Cause you’re a nobody sweetie."
" u/ezidro3, I’m sure u/erikagenerika can see you from her backyard u/spencerietta I know you’re talented at buying Gigi merch but are you talented at, you know, drag? "
" u/katyaismybestfriend, my darling dear, I cannot stand it when you’re near."
Automoderator: "The winner of this mini challenge is... u/ShashaShtan!
The camera cuts to Shasha who's face immediately lights up as he gasps in shock.
Talking Head: u/ShashaShtan I won the reading challenge against some really funny bitches! I hope this shows the cast that I'm coming for their necks this season.
Automoderator: "Now for your first challenge, you will need to put on a showstopping variety performance that werqs the subreddit! And on the runway, category is... Shine your sparkle! So good luck, and don't funk it up! Byee!"
WITH JUDGES u/Grotesquette, u/KingKabs, u/Rupertonian, and u/VioletDior!
AND EXTRA SPECIAL GUEST JUDGE, LADY GAGA (Portrayed by u/mixedanxiety)!!!
submitted by Grotesquette to xtinadragrace [link] [comments]

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