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ICP Lyrics. ICP Lyrics. Sorted by Album Release Date (View Sorted by Song Title) From the Album The Marvelous Missing Link: Lost (2015) (buy at amazon.com) Intro The Marvelous Missing Link (Lost) All ICP lyrics (325 songs - 'Mancow Made Us', 'The Great Show', 'Mind Of Howard Stern', etc), sorted by album tracks or in alphabetical order. Insane Clown Posse lyrics - 462 song lyrics sorted by album, including '6 Foot 7 Foot (7 Foot 8 Foot)', 'Hokus Pokus', 'The Neden Game'. Lyrics.com » Search results for 'icp' Yee yee! We've found 76 lyrics, 1 artist, and 0 albums matching icp. Insane Clown Posse (ICP) Miscellaneous Cotton Candy Insane Clown Posse (ICP) Cotton Candy 'Well, Claude, Miss Virginia. A pleasure to see. Oh my, you're all naked to. Like Miss Marge. Are you going to suck the poison out too?' 'Do you know what's under my dress?' 'Well, no, ma'am, I ain't never looked. Well, a cock like I got I guess.' ICP<br>Miscellaneous<br>The Dating Game<br>*Host*<br>Let's meet contestant number one!<br>He's a skitsofranic serial killer clown who says women love his sexy smile!Let's find out if his charm will work on Sharon.Sharon, whats your question?<br>*Sharon*<br>Contestant number one, I believe that ... View Insane Clown Posse song lyrics by popularity along with songs featured in, albums, videos and song meanings. We have 47 albums and 461 song lyrics in our database.

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2020.08.27 01:38 MushyMustard 2004 Shangri-La lyrics booklet scans?

In 2004, ICP re-release The Wraith: Shangri-La with new foil album art and a corrected lyrics booklet. Could someone upload photos or scans of every page to the internet somewhere? The full booklet of the 2002 release is available on discogs.com.
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2020.08.22 22:14 500scnds [Table] I am Anthony Fantano, founder of The Needle Drop, and I've been told by Spin that I'm "today's most successful music critic." Some message boards online have also said I'm a meme. Ask me anything!

Though not pinned due to verification from mod, there is also a "guestbook" in the comments.
Questions Answers
Do you find it hard to approach music from a different culture of origin? For example, when reviewing K-pop or maybe rap in another language, does not being able to understand the lyrics affect your enjoyment of that music, and does that reflect in your reviews? I thought it would be different when it comes to a single critic, rather than places like Pitchfork who may have a more diverse staff on hand to give opinions. i'm not gonna lie; it can be. i think i just try to do the best i can do translate what the enjoyable qualities of the album will be for a listener who won't go into it naturally understanding those aspects of it. because music is so steeped in whatever culture it comes from, the types of barriers are going to be there. and that's ok. not everyone can understand and be an expert on everything. and at the end of the day, i'm just trying to engage enjoyment. it doesn't matter of me if i'm enjoying a weezer album or a natalia laforcade album. i'll do my best to state what it is about the album i find to be special.
what era of musical exploration do you feel like was the strongest? as a followup, do you think music is currently headed in a direction that is favorable? not sure about the first question, tbh.
i think music will continue to move in a good direction as long as the culture it comes from remains in control of its creation and dissemination, not greedy record labels. what we have now isn't perfect, but the internet gives more artists control than before. more control and a fairer financial deal is what artists need to seek otu in the future.
what current movement or genre in music do you think will have the biggest impact going forward over the next decade? what artists specifically will be looked back on in ten years as highly influential to the direction of music? probably guys like frank ocean or some of these emo trap artists. i know the catalog doesn't seem like much, but they're hitting an emotional nerve with current generations few other artists are.
Hey Anthony, I'm a big fan of your content, so cheers for putting the time in to entertain us all. I'm not sure if you've answered this before, but which review of yours would you most like to change the score of in a retrospective? Has reception of your score ever caused you to reconsider? Thanks again Anthony any of these: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JiXWqnT-NCg
a few times, but that desire usually goes away quickly.
Do you think that UK culture makes it harder to understand the messages in UK music? i don't think UK culture makes it HARDER, but because it's a culture Americans aren't familiar with the dialect seems alien and lingo goes over their heads. so, yeah, it can create a bit of a barrier, i suppose. however, i think that's something people should get over to try and enjoy something that's different and exciting.
I notice that you put emphasis on the mixing and mastering of a song when reviewing, my question is have you ever heard a song that still sounded great even though the mic may have been a little muddy or not up to par with commercial standards? sure. all the time. how a song is presented sonically is important, but it's not everything. things can still sound a bit "off" and the music still be perfectly good / enjoyable.
Would you ever drop any original music?? probably, but i'm not sure i have any interest in becoming a commercial artist, honestly. i respect the grind and obviously i couldn't be doing anything i'm doing without commercial music existing. i just don't have any interest in making it or promoting it like it's my job or paying my bills depends on it.
What made you start reviewing music and albums in general? just wanting to share my thoughts and see if i'd get any others in return. covering music professionally just seemed like the most sensible way of making it a part of my life in a way where it could be constant around the time i was trying to forge a career path.
What were your favorite artists/bands you listened to when you were growing up? rage against the machine
the offspring
weird al
boyz ii men
green day
those were some of my early tapes, and then there was all the hits i'd record off the radio with my lil boom box.
what's the best and worst reaction to a review you recieved by a musician? a very nice e-mail from the guys in WEEN telling me a classic review i did was one of the best they've ever gotten and was more impressive than all the coverage they got through the 90s, LOL!
Do you watch any music reviewers (other than yourself)? If so, who would you recommend? personally, i like a lot of the content on YT that's more commentary and essay-based. guys like deep cuts, blacky speakz, finn mckenty. i still watch dead end hip hop and spectrum pulse, tho.
What’s your process Of reviewing these records? How many listens do you give it before you have a final opinion ? typically it's 4-7 depending on my familiarity with the artist, genre. it's just a lot of listening, searching, writing, re-writing.
What musical trope do you think will rise to popularity in pop music after trap elements start to die out? Love your videos by the way. future music will just be whatever makes ppl dance on tiktok. the end is near. get ready.
How do you avoid burnout with your insane level of output? not sure. enjoying what i do and making sure i'm taking decent breaks. doing other things? spending time with loved ones, cooking, exercising, chilling.
Have you always had the best teeth in the game or did the dentist help? the teeth are all natural. just starting telling people they were the best and it worked.
tho if i ever see anderson .paak it's on.
I am from Brasil and love your Channel. What's your favorite Brazilian artists/albums? os mutantes and sepultura are two of the best there ever was.
ana frango electrico is a new favorite. <3
How do you feel about your image in certain communities as being a 'meme'? i'm fine with it. honestly, i feel like if people are meme-ing, they're engaging. that's what you want as a content creator.
Does your job effect how your enjoy music in your off-time? not as much as just everyday life getting in the way, no. sometimes i'd rather listen to laurie anderson than fix the dishwasher, ya know?
What’s your favorite music from before the modern rock n roll era like Woody Guthrie and Louis Armstrong? Etc really anyone from before the 50s. probably pre-war blues or very very old gospel music.
What kind of videos/reviews are your favorites to make? Love the content and you've helped me find artists I didn't know about before. positive reviews and let's argue videos, right now. :-P
Hello, sorta of a new fan. I found you while looking up clippin newest album. Have you ever listened to Trevor Something? Do you have a favorite album of his? can't say i have, but thank you for hopping aboard! <3
I met you at the travis scott concert and we talked for a bit but when I asked for an autograph you called me a “light 4/10 boy” and made me fortnite dance for the autograph. My question is why did you do that? you deserved it.
How do you stay so thiccc while being vegan? when you go vegan, you still have access to fats, proteins, calories, and exercise. all the other vitamins and minerals, too. just don't starve yourself and hit some weights or bodyweight exercises.
What album have you changed your opinion on the most since you reviewed it (good or bad)? i've done a few vids on albums i've changed my mind on, but i'm not sure which one i've change don THE MOST
How often do you relisten to old albums that you gave “meh” reviews, (5-7)? usually they're just 7s, and only once in a blue moon. skipping the tracks i disliked.
What are your guilty pleasure listens? none. enjoy what you enjoy.
i don't give a fuck if anyone catches me listening to ICP or billie eilish. if i like it, i like it.
Will you please do a Redux Review of Plastic Beach? It seems to have grown on you in the past few years and I'd like to see if it's earned yellow flannel status! thinking about it.
Favourite video game soundtrack? i like a lotta the SNES hits: super mario world, chrono trigger, earthbound, donkey kong country 1 & 2, zelda a link to the past
Nested reply to above and pretty much every mega man game.
What genre fusions have you not seen explored much but would like to see/think would be interesting? dance pop and black metal.
Anthony, what does an artisr need to do to get a 10 in your opinion? there's no set criteria. the number is just a reflection of my level of enjoyment.
Do you ever take breaks or vacations? It always seems like you're putting out content. rarely, no.
i don't know how to stop.
maybe i have a problem.
have you ever thought of reviewing classical music? yes, but i know little to nothing about it.
i'm probably too dumb to process it or something.
Favorite young thug song? good question. this is probably one of my favs:
What's been the most fulfilling aspect of gaining an audience through music criticism? i get a lot of cool recommendations. :-)
What led you to become vegan? liking animals.
liking vegetables.
being vegetarian for a while and learning to cook more without animal products.
Anthony, how did your collaboration with James Acaster come about? he was just a fan of what i do and through my platform would be a good place for his thoughts on music and his book. he's got killer taste so i invited him on to say his piece.
What are your thoughts about the drill rap scene in NYC right now? Any favorites? i didn't know it was taking hold in NYC as well.
well, i guess i was aware of pop smoke, but would like to know more.
What is your work ethic? How are you able to pump out so much content? give up your sanity? lol.
i think it's probably a case of just enjoying what you do.
What is the last song you have listened to or are listening to now? listening to the new jessie ware album rn. it bangs.
What was young melon like? How did you get into music criticism? young melon? total clown, annoying, liked music, played bass, hated everybody, hated himself.
not much different from today melon, lol.
What do you think of Billy Joel? dig the hits, never got too deep into his discog, though. nothing against him as an artist tho.
What are your thoughts on King Crimson's second album "In Wake of Poseidon"? Do you have a favorite track or least favorite track? not as hot as in the court, but i own it / enjoy it. personally, i say just go from court and then to larks' tongues and get all fucked up.
What are the best ingredients to put in a vegan burrito? beans, rice, guac, corn, salsa, hot sauce, sauteed peppers.
If The Needle Drop wasn't successful, what would you see yourself doing right now? political reporting or accounting.
Why did you feel the need to make a video mocking Death To Mumble Rap when, in reality, we all know it's by far the greatest song ever created? it was ripe for meme-ing and i thought luke would be a good sport about it. he was and seems like a good guy. loved my interview with him.
Have you ever heard Holiday Rap by MC Miker G and DJ Sven? yes, goddamn. haven't thought about that track in years.
What’s your favorite up and coming artist that you’ve yet to mention on video? up until recently i would have said backxwash, but i'll just say BACKXWASH
Think if you were starting out today things would be easieharder? What do you think was the main reason for your success? passion and consistency and not giving up and taking the time to learn my craft from scratch. and probably white privilege somewhere in there, too.
Your thoughts on Capital STEEZ? one of the great losses of the 2010s. could have helped change music if he stayed with us, i think.
How often do u shave ur head? every few weeks? you can literally gauge this for yourself if you just look at my youtube history, lol.
What's your favourite interview with an artist and why? probably my new lingua ignota interview. hayter was just throwing out great answers and killed every question.
Has your meme status elevated your career, or vice versa? probably. memes make the world go round.
Pink Floyd best to worst ? i'd like to say "yes," but then you'd be expecting more than i think i can deliver.
Who is your daddy and what does he do? ken fantano.
he chills and plays mario kart 8, mostly.
Did you ever hear anything from the guy who wrote that Fader article? Like an apology? lol no
Pancakes or waffles? i dunno how to make vegan waffles, tbh. if i did tho i'd probably fuck more with a waffle.
What is your go-to song to eat Italian food to? LOL, i don't usually like listening to music when i'm eating.
Abel or Frank? Better singer? abel is a more skilled singer, but frank's got better songs, imo.
All time favorite Kendrick verse? might be his whole deal on how much a dollar cost or u.
[removed] not sure. i stopped scrobbling years ago.
How many more classics does Kendrick need to solidify a top 5 all time rapper spot? 2
thoughts on the new microphones record? excited to listen to it, for sure.
Do you truly hate your republican followers? not personally. i just think their politics are silly and have been historically disproven over and over and over. sorry, but tax cuts for the rich, xenophobia, and a warped sense of traditional values aren't going to solve any of our problems.
also, how have the last several years been going?
gotta say, conservatives really know how to run a country, lol.
main inspiration for reviewing music, melon? just other youtubers and late 00s content creators "reviewing" things they were passionate about. i figured i wanted to take the music reviewing experience and turn it into that.
Favorite emo record? diary comes to mind pretty quickly. just great performances, songs, production all-around. not so steeped in misery it's self-indulgent or killing the quality of the music.
any thoughts on britpop? was hot when i was a kid. glad to have lived through the golden age of it with some fond memories, but it's not one of my favorite styles.
who is the second busiest music nerd???? nardwuar :-))))))))
Haiiii King fantano crocs when? i gotta hit up crocs for the endorsement.
Anthony, I love your hair . What's your secret? cut it short
First album you remember loving as a kid? evil empire, maybe.
Which genre would you like to see being 'revived'? 4TH WAVE SKA MIXED WITH NUMETAL LET'S GO!
Do you agree big KRIT is the best rapper of the 2010s?? not the best, but one of the best.
what are your head dimensions? watermelon dimensions
Is this still the thread you'll be using? yep
What's your favorite album of all time? not sure i have one at this point, tbh.
Can your wife be in more videos? not interested. too many creep-os out there. the bigger TND gets, the more important it is to keep a barrier between what i do and my private life. my loved ones are a part of that private life, and my wife has been a driving force in my decision on this.
What are your thoughts on the newest The Alchemist and Boldy James album? it's ok. alfredo's much better, IMO.
what are your thoughts on iLoveMakonnen and his music? mostly neutral on it at this point, tbh.
Favorite video game? maybe secret of mana
Did you ever check out that full CHIKA project? I remembered you really liked her Industry Games single. yes. i wasn't crazy about the rest of it, but i still think she's an artist to watch out for.
Spaghetti or Ravioli? spooget
Is Rivers Cuomo an misunderstood genius? seems like more of an open book to me.
what pizza shop did you work at? rossini's in cheshire.
Best kind of melon? water
Best Zeppelin album? physical is my personal fav
yunoreview porridge radio? didn't have strong feelings on it, tbh.
Have you ever been in a poly relationship? lol no
Why do you hate Astrology so much? i'm such a scorpio.
Drugs not now.
Are weezer better than the beatles? no
has your opinion on mac millers swimming changed since the review,? not much, no.
Why did u give MBDTF a 6 melon? Just why? there's a whole video on it you should watch.
Why did you distance yourself from Sam Hyde? why wouldn't you?
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2020.08.22 13:50 SmychkaMayakovsky Worst diss track ever?

Is ICP's 'Slim Anus' the worst diss track ever? Like, I can't even get my head around how they thought calling him 'slim anus' was even an insult. Like, yes, my anus is 'slim', rather than wide of stretched out - how does that imply that eminem is gay? Also, the entire track is just them trying to alter the end of the lines from the original song for the most part, it is as if they admitted defeat before they even started. And most of it fails to even be a diss because it is totally nonsensical. Which backstreet boy I want to impregnate? Well, ICP are unaware that men cannot get pregnant I guess? Half the time the run out of ways to change to the lyrics to be really crappy references to anal sex so they just actually leave the original song verse to play out ... like 'Well since age 12 I felt like I'm someone else / Cause I hung my original self from the top bunk with a belt (Yup)'. Damn you thought eminem's original was so good you had to just leave it in there - SICK BURN!
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2020.08.19 00:10 yambagyuma Hungry from Flip the Rat

I have really mixed feelings about this song. I love everything about it except the lyrics. I love the beat, vocal cadence, vocal effects, I just find the lyrics and concept aggravating and if that wasn't the case, it would undoubtedly be among my top 20 ICP songs. It's kind of a weird let down feeling. Anyone feel this way about this song or any other?
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2020.08.05 00:50 Sw4rmlord [TOMT] [Song] And you may ask yourself, how did I get here?

So that is obviously the talking heads. I am looking for a very specific song that borrowed lyrics from the Talking Heads - Once in a Lifetime. I do not believe the song I am looking for is a cover, nor did they merely sample from the talking heads. (It is not one of the list of songs from 'whosampled', I looked there first.)
"And you may find yourself in a beautiful house
With a beautiful wife
And you may ask yourself, well
How did I get here?"
Vaguely, this is the only bit of the song that I believe is used. I am very eclectic with my musical tastes so this could legitimately be any genre. I fundamentally believe it is in a pop-punk/alternative style like The Killers, Say Anything, or Cake. That said, it could be a rap song or anything else. It could be as absurd as ICP but every time I think of a band it might be and search for the lyrics, with the band name, nothing comes up in google.
The way I believe the line is delivered has a lot more bass and gravitas than the original line by the talking heads. It may even be delivered without background music. This has been bothering me for 18 hours. I have exhausted every other avenue I can think of.
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2020.07.21 09:35 scarz91 Am I having a mandelaMandela Effect?

Ok so this is my first post on here but I could use the help of any other ICP fans
Back when I was in high school is when I was introduced to the group Insane Clown Posse. And I had Limewire at the time. And I was downloading some ICP songs for my iPod.
I came across one that was done specifically by shaggy. I remember it being called the Bizzare rap.
I’ve had a few iPods since then. And now I’m trying to find that song but I can’t seem to find it anywhere. The only lyrics from it that I can honestly remember is this “Not one fuckin’ thing left out” Towards the end of the song. So if anyone could help me find this damn song I would greatly appreciate it!
Thanks in advance!
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2020.06.28 08:51 SlitThroatCutCreator Anyone else notice Jocko Homo sounds like the carnival music theme slowed down?

Probably a coincidence but a song about humanity to a carnival theme seems fitting. And I don't think the band has really approached humans being clowns outside of the Peek A Boo video and the lyric reference in Deep Sleep. Maybe ICP stepped up to plate for them, perhaps?
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2020.06.20 03:02 Hexsin On the fringe and interested

So I'll be the first to admit that I've been close-minded towards ICP for a long time now. Back in the early 2000's, I was just a christian raised kid, and I saw news reports about this "horrible influence" that was asking young fans whether they were virgins or not--unspeakable, right? Surely these people have a 1st class ticket to hell on a bullet train, yeah? The worst of the worst! Right... right, media has no bias... So many years later, I will admit that my prejudice carried over even despite the loss of my religious views, just because of some general sense of ease by staying ignorant and thinking "eww, those people are fucked up!"--a solid tablespoonful of irony-laced salt considering the metalhead I am, I know.

Long story Long, I've finally listened to a few pieces of art by ICP, and I have to say that I'm not a convert yet, but I'm honestly very surprised by what I've heard. The term that comes to mind when I listen to their work is "tongue-in-cheek sincerity", and I come to this community to see if I'm on the right track when interpreting what I hear. It seems to me like they don't take themselves or their lyrics TOO seriously, yet there is an ever-present element of genuine, heartfelt emotion behind everything. So with all this said, which songs do you think I should listen to as a newcomer to hear the best of their range? What do you think of the band's philosophy, and that of the fanbase? What have you been itching to tell an outsider? Please let me know!
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2020.06.02 15:32 TimSPC The lyric "Fucking magnets, how do they work?" from the song "Miracles" by Insane Clown Posse is a legitimate question

The fact that magnets work the way they do is genuinely wondrous and simply explaining how we understand they work doesn't take anything away from that. Simply pointing people to the Wikipedia entry for Magnets does nothing to take away from this. I wouldn't be surprised if most of the people who jumped all over them for this lyric couldn't coherently explain how magnets work themselves.
I'm not a fan of ICP. I just think they got unfairly memed.
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2020.05.15 00:40 MushyMustard "I Like It Rough" ICP mashup [explicit lyrics]

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2020.05.03 23:00 BlackSabbathMatters I unironically respect and appreciate Juggalo culture

ICP fans, despite being nearly universally mocked and looked down upon, display their fandom proudly and are not really affected by the opinions of others. Its remarkable how dedicated they are, and how enduring the Juggalo culture is. I get an impression that they really do consider themselves a kind of family, and look out for each other, a big band of outcasts who play by their own rules. Although I strongly dislike the music and the lyrics, there is a kind of charming trashiness to the whole thing, the clown makeup, the strange soda obsession. The rappers in ICP are pretty prolific and come across as genuine and deeply caring about the fans.
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2020.04.09 20:00 MushyMustard ICP / Dr. Steel mashup [explicit lyrics]

ICP / Dr. Steel mashup [explicit lyrics] submitted by MushyMustard to Toysoldiersunite [link] [comments]

2020.04.07 03:15 MoonLandHoax Not a fan of ICP, but man I love the subculture. Can you all shed some light

Let me be clear, definitely not a troll or a hater, just curious. I just can’t get into their music. I listen to everything from Die Antwoord, Apollo Brown (from Detroit), Gwar, Alice in Chains etc...love all types of music...bonus points for being different. That’s where I’m intrigued with ICP. I feel like I’m missing something. With all due respect, I find them very average lyrically and musically overall. I do love the dedication of the fan base, gathering of the juggalos etc...I guess my question is: From an outsider, ICP (as a whole) seems to be a ‘safe place’ and common link for outcasts...is the music tolerated or liked mainly because of the culture of ICP? Hope that makes sense. Thanks y’all.
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2020.03.04 04:15 anonymous9384 AITA for telling my mom that my stepdad was playing ICP in the car?

My stepdad was driving me (15M) my sister (17F) and my brother (6M) to school. A bit of history: my sister and I have always had trouble getting along with our stepdad. He was a bit of an asshole when we were younger, and we never fully got over it. Aside from being a chainsmoking alcoholic, we don't mind him much nowadays, but we still have some beef with him, so we usually rat him out if he does something bad.
During the ride to school, my stepdad said he wanted to play a song on my sister's phone (we always have her phone connected to the car's Bluetooth.) We decided to let him. Apparently, he wanted to play Dating Game by Insane Clown Posse. With my little brother in the car. Who's in first grade.
My stepdad would try to drown out the cuss words by screaming when they were said, but you could still hear the words, and it just added stress to what had already been a stressful morning (we got out of the house later than usual, and my sister and I thought we might be late to school.) Additionally, even without the cuss words, the lyrics were definitely not appropriate for my little brother to hear.
My sister ended up grabbing her phone and turning off the song after a short while since it was too inappropriate for out little brother to hear. My stepdad thought that was a bit of a buzzkill, but we were all uncomfortable. He didn't make us turn the song back on, but he wished we had let it play all the way through.
After school, when my mom picked us up, I told her about what happened. I know I could've just let it slide as this was the first time he'd done this, but I wanted to say something about it. She talked to my stepdad about it and he was upset. He tried to argue and defend his actions, but my mom told him that songs like that were completely inappropriate to play with my little brother around. He tried reciting some of the lyrics, and my mom said "Yeah, that's really not okay."
My stepdad obviously wasn't happy about it, and he was pretty bummed that he couldn't play ICP anymore. He acted like he was betrayed and we took away the fun.
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2020.02.20 17:45 DerpingtonHerpsworth [IIL] Twiztid but can't stand ICP [WEWIL]?

I used to be a fan of ICP back in my teens but I quickly grew out of them. When Twiztid came out I instantly felt a much greater connection to them than I ever had with ICP. They were just light-years ahead of them lyrically, musically, vocally; Just all around better in my opinion. More skilled and more intelligent overall.
The problem I have with them is how intermingled they were with ICP, and the cringe factor associated with ICP in general. I still go back and listen to Twiztid's early albums once in a while, but I really dislike all the references to ICP, juggalos, etc, and the constant appearances of ICP in their songs.
I know this is an unusual and potentially unpopular request, but I'm hoping someone can help me discover something similar, only without the clown association.
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2020.02.14 23:19 CommanderJLong Let’s talk about tattoos

Hello everyone,
I’ve had a rash of questions about tattoos so I thought I’d post for the general public.
“The Navy is the most liberal service when it comes to tattoos!”
Well that may be true, but it’s not “anything goes”
If you come to enlist with tattoos, here is what is going to happen. You’ll be given a sheet with an outline of a body and to circle where you have a tattoo.
Below that, you’ll be asked to identify what the tattoo is, what it means to you, and why you got it. We’ll take pictures of tats that can be seen outside of shorts and a t-shirt. The MEPS doctors get to gaze upon your nakedness during your physical and document any tattoos they see.
The pictures and descriptions get sent up for a waiver determination, if needed.
Why do we do this? Art is subjective, and body art is no different. The same piece can mean different things to different people.
If you say, “this is the symbol of the band “Bösünmätë” you’d better believe we’re going to get on the internet and print that out to confirm and put it into your application package. For all of you who think you’re cool putting the chemical structure of THC or LSD on your arm and try to pass it off as caffeine or serotonin or something, don’t bother. We know what it looks like. I should have a chemistry degree by now.
So what’s a taboo tattoo? Anything with drugs, violence, sex, gang affiliation, or hate group symbols. No face tattoos either. Let me break that down:
Drugs: No depiction or reference to drugs. This includes song lyrics, “420s”, needles, nugs, hookahs, bongs, or any other drug paraphernalia.
Violence: Blood is the big no-no. Dagger? Yes. Dagger with blood on it? No. Can’t have dead bodies, dead animals, although The Grim Reaper is ok, strangely enough. No blood on the scythe. Zombies on a case by case, but chainsawing through zombies, as I saw on a recent one, is a no.
Sex: No depictions of sex, no female breasts, no genitalia, no “69s” unless it’s very obviously referring to something else. Pin-up girls and “Fabio” guy tats are case by case. Would you show it to your granny?
Gang affiliation. You would be surprised at the number of tattoos that have a gang connotation. Teardrops, crowns, birds, spiderwebs, the number 13, and stars, depending on where they are are all bad. I hear this a lot: “But CDR Long, I’m just a white boy from Mississippi, my MS-13 tat obviously has nothing to do with the gang!” Yes, but if a real MS13 member sees it, it will be a bad time for you, regardless. What about ICP? Case by case as always, Juggalos. Of course, the last dozen people I’ve screened with ICP tattoos also had violent or drug related tattoos as well, go figure. Woop woop.
Hate Groups. Just no.
Face/neck. Nothing on the face. Cosmetic tattoos on a case by case. Nothing that can be seen above a t-shirt collar. We will take a look at a back of the neck tattoo if it is 1”x3” and cannot be seen from the front. Case by case again.
The tattoo screeners and I have seen it all over the years. I’ve seen good ink and bad ink. Cool ink and WTF ink. The screeners and I have special dispensation to look at questionable websites at work to determine if a tattoo meets criteria. Let me tell you, I’ve seen some stuff.
If you’re thinking of getting a tattoo before joining, just don’t. It’s probably not worth the hassle. Plus, you can’t ship until it has 100% healed.
Also, and this is just CDR Long talking, 75% of the tats I see are just trash. Cringeworthy joke tats, “I’m so edgy” tats, “aren’t I twee and unique?” hipster tats. Misspelled tats, hilarious “I don’t know what these Chinese characters actually mean” tats, blurry tats, “live, laugh, love” empty platitude tats, and incorrect Roman numerals tats.
But most of all, there’s just a ton of bad artwork out there. If you’re going to take the step of putting something permanent on your body, why not do it the right way? Good tattoos require forethought, skill and are usually expensive. You definitely get what you pay for. If you can’t afford the time or the money, I suggest you wait.
I’m happy to take your tattoo questions below.
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2020.01.30 04:14 BobRoxxx "Damaged" Tre Lb feat SHAGGY 2 DOPE (ICP) Official Lyric Video Edited by Wil E. Haze https://youtu.be/8-00M0a_Psc

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2020.01.28 15:56 BobRoxxx Tre Lb’s Drop Deep Song with his older brother ! "Damaged" Tre Lb feat SHAGGY 2 DOPE (ICP) Official Lyric Video Edited by Wil E. Haze

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2020.01.26 23:59 Trololoo Tip Of My Tongue Song ID

I just barely remember a few lyrics "who controls the insane." Around the era of maybe the Wraith? I think Esham may even be on the track with ICP? The whole song is about who takes over the brain when we lose our sanity. Any ideas Fam?
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2019.12.28 04:25 AngusBeefBorgor AITA For Continuing to Listen to Music my Girlfriend Doesn’t Want me Listening to?

I f(24) have been listening to the Insane Clown Posse since I was 10 or so. I don’t see myself as a Juggalette or anything. I am the opposite of a stereotypical Juggalo/Juggalette.
I’ve been dating my girlfriend for about a year now. We moved in together about 4 months ago.
I like laying on my bed and playing music on my phone without headphones. Not at full blast, just to where I can hear it. I only do this when my girlfriend is gone or in another room.
The first time I did this, she was in the room next to the one I was in. I was playing ICP songs. After about 15 minutes, she asked me to either turn it down or find something else to listen to. I turned the volume down and then played other music (Nirvana, Pearl Jam, etc). Later she told me she was uncomfortable hearing the music as she didn’t like the lyrics. I completely understood and was not upset at all.
The next day, she was in another room and I was alone in our room. I decided to listen to some music, ICP. I had the volume almost all the way down, so I could just barely hear it. The headphones were in another room and I didnt feel like getting up. I had fallen asleep after a while.
I guess she walked in while I was asleep and caught me listening to it, because after I woke up and went to go see her, she seemed pretty upset. She said something like, “I told you I didn’t like you listening to that music, stop it” or something. I didnt recall her telling me not to listen to it, just her saying she didnt like it. I told her that I wouldn’t make her listen to it and I’d keep it quiet, but I can listen to any music I want to.
I’ve continued listening to ICP, quietly or with headphones, but she still “catches” me here and there and is obviously not happy about it. So AITA?
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2019.12.24 14:57 ombladon156 A guide to Romanian Hip-Hop

In 1989 Romania went through a revolution and we finally got rid of communism. The youngsters back then started to import many thing from abroad, especially from USA, and hip-hop culture was no exception.

The beginnings

B.U.G Mafia
In 1993 the first big rap group emerged and it was called R.A.C.L.A. Founded by Krash-X, Big Demo, Rimaru and Clonatu’, Rimaru being one of the fastest rappers in Romania, check 2:25 for example. Also in 1993 another group was founded, called M&G which adopted more of a reggaeton style with songs like Să dansăm or Asalt Raggafonic. Today these groups are no longer making music, Rimaru released some songs a few years ago but that's it, they were popular in the 90's and early 2000's.
In 1994 the two biggest rap groups to this day in Romania appeared. First B.U.G Mafia or Bucharest Underground Mafia with it's members being Uzzi, Caddilac or Caddy and Tataee, considered to be the first gangsta rap group from Romania, ispired directly from N.W.A and other west coast groups from that time. Throughout the years, the group endured a long-standing controversy due to the explicit and confrontational nature of their lyrics. Focusing on subjects such as the post-communist romanian political class, poverty and crime in Romania's communist-built housing projects or their recurring hostility towards romanian police. Some well known songs from them consist of: După Blocuri, Străzile, Pantelimonu' Petrece, Un 2 și Trei de 0, Poezie de Stradă. To this day their songs are being played in nightclubs, at parties, in cars and sometimes they might throw some concerts, but the new wave of rappers are taking over, which I'll talk about later in this post. Se ridică în aer is one of their newest songs and it's a collab with a new wave rapper, Super Ed.
As I said above, in 1994 two of the biggest rap groups were founded, the second one being Paraziții. The group consists of Cheloo, Ombladon and FreakaDaDisk. This is one of their first songs, and it's translation is "Around" but if you merge "In" with "Jur" it says "Injur" which means I swear and as you can imagine it sounded bad, really bad and their lyrics let's say they were mostly swearing as the title suggests. But they got better over the years, and mostly in their songs they talk about poverty, police, drinking, politicians and hood life but it's very different from B.U.G Mafia and you can check for yourself: Din Colțul Blocului which talks about the hood life, drinking and not giving a f, Vicii which is a song about vices and how they affect everybody, Poliția Trece which is a newer songs and talks about, you've guessed it, police and how dumb they are, Bad Joke which is a song in english and I found it very funny. In Jos Cenzura they talk about censorship in our country but especially in the music industry and how their songs are not being played on radio or TV. Today Paraziții are still being listened to, they might still throw concerts and release some songs but again, the new wave is taking over and maybe the nostalgic ones will listen to them.
In 1996 another group appeared and took Romania by storm, called La Familia made of Sișu and Puya, ispired by the West Coast hip hop, they too had songs about the hood life which sounded in a more commercial way, let's say. To the end of the 90's romanian rap groups were divided too in East and West coast, and it had nothing to do with geography, but from which part they took inspiration. Mentored by fellow gangsta rap group B.U.G Mafia, they quickly emerged as one of Romania's most popular rap acts in the late 1990s and early 2000s. In 2003, group member Sișu was sentenced to three years in prison after being arrested by the romanian police in a widely publicized drug-trafficking case. The group also lost the rights to its name after a public feud with former mentors B.U.G Mafia. Some of their most known songs are: Tuper de Borfaș, Vorbe, Viață Bună. They too released some songs recently, Dulce Răzbunare which talk about the new wave and that they're not true rappers.

The 2000's

In the early 2000's hip hop in Romania started to decline because of the uprising of electronic and pop music across the country , the most well known groups remaining B.U.G Mafia and Paraziții, La Familia started to fade away because of the arrest of Sișu, but some new names apperead on the scene and by the late 2000's and early 2010's Romania had a big line up of rappers and finally some big solo artists which were inspired by the early groups and also by American rappers. This line up consisted of: Guess Who which was mentored by Paraziții but later had a beef with them and this is a song with them released in 2005. These are his most popular songs: Manifest, Onoare and Locul Potrivit.
Grasu XXL with songs that are still listened to this day, let's say that he released mostly club bangers like Turbofin, Fară Filtru, Tare Frate and Dă-te Mai Așa.
Another solo rapper which is popular to this day is Spike which was also affiliated with Paraziții but him too left the group. These are some popular songs from him: Drumurile, Scandal, Manele and Salcâmii.
In 2007 Guess Who and Grasu XXL started their own record label called Okapi Sound and released songs with some of the rappers from that time like: LaLa Song, Didaia.
Another group that was formed in the 2000's is CTC or Controlul Tehnic de Calitate, founded by Vlad Dobrescu, Deliric, Doc and DJ Paul. Most of their songs are not labeled as CTC but they mostly use their names in the title of a song and they too got their own record label called Facem Records. They're one of the biggest names in the rap scene in Romania being relevant today too and they got famous because they sounded different from the rap sound from that time. Some of their most popular songs are: Linii de Tramvai, Ceai, Globul de Cristal, SUD and Praf wihch is a diss track for Ombladon from Paraziții.
Deliric it's the most famous from this group and he's very popular in Romania, he has his clothing brand too called PORC which is popular among youngsters but his sound is very different and that's due to his affiliation with Silent Strike and I can recommend these songs: Ambrozie, $efu, Mâine, Zâmbim Fals, Independent.
Another popular rap group that influenced many teens in the late 2000's and early 2010's was Specii, mainly because they talked about drug abuse and that was something no other group was talking about at that time. It's members were Dragonu', Chimie and Gazah. The group no longer exists or it doesn't releases anyting, Dragonu' converted to a religious life after taking too many drugs and Chimie releases a song now and then or maybe a feature. But their songs influenced a generation and are still listened today, songs like: Dia'gnoza, Farmacia de la Colț, 4 ziua, Maimuțe de Stradă and a recent songs which talks about the drug abuse and how bad it made their lives Greșelile Tinereții.

The new wave

Ian and Azteca
In 2014-2015 Romania experienced a new sound, of course inspired from USA, and I'm talking about trap. One of the first to experience this new sound was ȘATRA B.E.N.Z, a group founded by Lu-k Beats, their producer and it's members Killa Fonic, Keed, Super ED and Nosfe, but Killa Fonic left the group recently. At first they weren't received well by the audience, and that's because it was a complete new sound from what people were used to but they slowly started to catch up and let's say they paved the way for many new artists. Some of their early songs are: traparmy, Vocile and Vine Șatra and these are some newer songs BANK, Dubai and Bernabeu.
Nane, it's another famous rapper which switched to trap but he succeeded in doing it and it's one of the best from the new wave. His old songs sounded like this and this is him now with songs like: B.M.V, FRATE-MIU, CARTIERU' ARDE, NIKE UM.
Ian and Azteca are a duo who formed Ocult Records and they hopped on this new wave bringing the audience closer to the genre with songs like: Bag un Blunt, NEFIU, FLEXEZ, Player, Mili and Jared Leto.
Another popular rapper is Abi, which most people take as a joke or hate him because he's flexing in every video and in Romania it's something a person shouldn't do because most of the people here are poor, but his songs are catchy: [Papuci Gucci or Gucci Flip Flops, Rege pa România, ABILLI with Amuly which is associated with Satra B.E.N.Z.
Aerozen x Tussin are some young rappers which are starting to get popular with only 2 songs at the moment, Miliarde and Rechinii.
Yakki, another young one which is getting more and more popular, has some catchy songs too 6AM and PLUTO.
GOLANI, is a group that appeared in 2016 and they're pretty popular, and like Satra they first received hate because of the new sound but people like them now. The groups consists of OG Eastbull (the most famous from them), Shay, Alex Sosa and Mago del Blocco. GOLANI is a group founded in Italy by romanians living there and OG Eastbull got famous for some songs in italian. Some of their songs consist of GOLAN REMIX, Miami, A.C.A.B. and the most recent one from OG Eastbull, Nane and Tovaritch CONTACTU .
As I said above, recently Killa Fonic left Satra B.E.N.Z and started a solo career, which is very successful and it's very appreciated by the public, with songs like: Nimeni, Richie Rich, DVNS, Has Mo Pele.
Subcarpați it's a group that are part of the new wave, but they added something different, romanian traditional folk elements to hip hop beats, and I must say that they're a genre on their own. The group it's made of MC Bean, Aforic, Argatu' and Vali Umbră. Some of their most famous songs are: Dă-i Foale, Oamenii Mei, Rege pe Deal, '84-'85.

And this is the current state of hip hop in Romania today, with young artists getting famous and old ones being mad because they're stealing their audience, mixed feelings and the genre getting more popular. I didn't cover all the artists because It would've been a very long list but I tried to write about the most important ones and feel free to comment if you wanted to see somebody you like. Hip hop culture it's very big in Romania, it always was and I wanted the rest of the world to know about it and sorry for any mistakes I've made. Hope you enjoy!
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2019.12.13 02:19 13547USERNAME Eminem is a good rapper, but he has the worst fanbase in the world, and Eminem isn't always the good guy in his feuds.

Decided to post this after the Nick Cannon feud. Eminem is one of my favorite rappers, but his fans are the worst, most annoying fanbase i ever have seen in my life. If you ever diss Eminem, people always, no matter what, will join Eminem's side and act like Eminem is always the good guy in the feud. Nobody cares if Eminem started it or if Eminem did anything wrong, they always join his side and act like he's 100% good and you're 100% bad. Eminem wasn't always the good guy in his feuds. Yes, Ja Rule did insult Hailie back in 2003. Guess what? In a song where 50 Cent disses Ja Rule, 50 Cent threatened to kill Ja Rule's kids. If Ja Rule threatened to kill Hailie, people would've went insane. Also, 50 didn't threaten to kill Ja's kids because of what Ja said about Hailie. Loose Change was released in April 2003. Get Rich or die trying came out in February 2003. Eminem was one of the executive producers of get rich or die trying.
Eminem said he and Mariah were in a relationship once, which Mariah Carey says didn't happen. So Eminem got all mad at Mariah Carey for this. I bet Eminem never did start a relationship with Mariah Carey and just did it to cause controversy. But apparently Mariah Carey was the bad one here.i
Then Eminem got all mad at Christina Aguilera when she mentioned his marriage to Kim on MTV, like as if she did that to do harm to him. She wasn't intending any harm when she did that, but Eminem still got all furious with her. Eminem also wrote a song called 97 bonnie and clyde where he raps about how he killed kim and he and hailie will dump kim's corpse in the lake. He even had Hailie do some vocals in the song and Hailie was only a toddler and had NO idea what the song was about. She didn't know she was participating in a song about her own mom being killed. Eminem literally took advantage of a toddler for a song about murdering Kim. If any mumble rapper did this, people would want the mumble rapper executed. I will admit that Eminem apologized to Kim later on, but this just shows that Eminem has done some douchey things and nobody will condemn it because he's eminem.
Also, I doubt Eminem hates mumble rap as much he claims to. I remember in an interview, Eminem talked about how he enjoys Lil Wayne's music. This was an interview back in around 2015. Lil Wayne might not be considered a mumble rapper, but he's definitely a predecessor. Here's why Eminem dissed mumble rappers: In 2017, he decided to go all political and left-wing and diss Trump and the NRA and Republicans with his album Revival. The album received negative reviews and was hated by many people, being considered his worst album. Eminem clearly was frustrated about this (revealed in a music video of his) and then one year later, he suddenly stops being political and acts like as if he doesn't know who Trump is. He then releases Kamikaze just 8 months after Revival came out. He stops being political, acts like he never dissed Trump and suddenly disses mumble rappers. He realized being a leftist didn't help his music have success, so he decided to diss mumble rappers and start feuds again so he could be relevant again. Dissing Trump probably also was a strategy to stay relevant.
The only reason Eminem wins all his feuds is because he only starts feuds with people less powerful than him. Seriously, NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, britney, christina aguilera, ICP, Everlast, Ja Rule, Machine Gun Kelly, Nick Cannon, Mariah Carey, mumble rappers, Benzino, Canibus, Cage, etc. All of these musicians are less powerful than him. Sure, people like Mariah and NSYNC and Ja Rule were just as famous and popular as Eminem, but they still are less powerful and less critically acclaimed than Eminem. Eminem never goes after someone just as powerful as him, he's like that big bully who only picks exclusively on small nerds, he doesn't pick on someone his own size. Every other well-respected rappers picks on people their own size. 2Pac went after Biggie and Mobb Deep, Dr. Dre dissed Eazy E and they had a feud, Ice Cube and Cypress Hill, Ice Cube and NWA, Jay Z and Nas, etc. Notice how these feuds are rappers just as powerful as each other. But Eminem has never picked on someone just as powerful and critically acclaimed as he is. That's the reason why Eminem always wins his feuds, and people always pick his side no matter what. He could literally rape and kill another rapper's kids and people would still be on Eminem's side.
Eminem fans are the worst. They refuse to see any flaws in Eminem. Although eminem is one of my favorite rappers, he still has flaws and he isn't always the good guy in his feuds. And Eminem fans always hold grudges against anyone who has a feud with eminem. Eminem fans still hassle Benzino for his feud from long ago. People still hate on Ja Rule for his feud with eminem from 16 years ago. They'll go to any video involving Benzino and click the dislike button instead of getting over the feud. They're like armed military who nukes you if you diss their holy sacred Eminem.
Also, Eminem's lyrics aren't always that talented. Some of his old songs like My Name Is and The Real Slim Shady have extremely poorly written lyrics and with simplistic Dr. Suess rhymes. And there's many rappers who are more talented than Eminem, including Nas, big pun, necro, lord infamous, 2pac, etc.
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Homies lyrics - Insane Clown Posse (ICP) - YouTube Another Love Song Lyrics By ICP - YouTube ICP - What is a Juggalo (with lyrics) - YouTube ICP-Toy Box (w/ Lyrics) - YouTube ICP - Suicide Hotline - Lyrics in the video - YouTube Fuck The World (Lyrics) - Insane Clown Posse - YouTube ICP DATING GAME LYRICS - YouTube Piggy Pie by ICP WITH lyrics (unsensored) - YouTube


  1. Homies lyrics - Insane Clown Posse (ICP) - YouTube
  2. Another Love Song Lyrics By ICP - YouTube
  3. ICP - What is a Juggalo (with lyrics) - YouTube
  4. ICP-Toy Box (w/ Lyrics) - YouTube
  5. ICP - Suicide Hotline - Lyrics in the video - YouTube
  6. Fuck The World (Lyrics) - Insane Clown Posse - YouTube
  8. Piggy Pie by ICP WITH lyrics (unsensored) - YouTube

Insane Clown Posse's - What is a Juggalo. Taking requests PIGGY PIE BY ICP. sorry i haven't uploaded anything in a while, i haven't had that much to skate cause of wrestling so here u go :D. i do not own any part of this video**** music nor video itself***..... i.c.p.(insane clown posse) dating game Re-uploaded. The last one was messed up. I managed to fix it. Enjoy. This is a Lyric Video made by myself. Enjoy, if u stay tuned You'll Find the hidden track **READ THIS FIRST** Apparently some lyrics were lost in the upload, I am sorry about the end, and yes I know it is blank at the end. Thanks! The lyrics to Ho... Lyrics for Fuck The World by Insane Clown Posse I do not own the rights to this song All rights belong to ICP and Psychopathic Records ICP Suicide Hotline With lyrics