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Married couples automatically inherit each other’s assets upon death, and these assets are inherited without any taxes incurred. However, this is not the case for domestic partners. You can inherit your partner’s assets through a will, but you’ll be subject to taxes. Being a married partner of a sex addict is not only detrimental to the relationship but is a more damaging affair for the victim’s emotions. Married to a sex addict can impact the victim in countless negative ways like loss of self-esteem, anxiety, stress, depression, self-doubt, inability to trust, fear to enjoy sex and romance, etc. He is not her partner if he is married to somebody else. He is her boyfriend or lover. On a separate but related point, does anyone wonder if the awful PM will marry that unfortunate young woman who has just had his child? It was his ex-wife who initiated the divorce proceedings and, if she had not done so, poor old Carrie would have had a baby ... Married To Partner / Husband Or Single? Cathrine has been leading a single life for many years now. She has been busy with fitness coaching, videography, editing, and many more, which might be the reason she has not opted for a partner all these years after her split. Tom Selleck, also known as Thomas William Selleck, born on January 29, 1945, is an American actor, film producer, and California Army National Guard veteran who is well-known for his breakout role as private investigator Thomas Magnum in the television series, 'Magnum, P.I.'(1980–1988).. Having been in the film industry for over 5 decades, Selleck has managed to establish himself as a ... Choosing the right life partner is a high stake decision. You have to select the right partner in order to lead a happy married life. Below are 11 things to consider before choosing a life partner.

Anobis joins Mantellia Trade, Director Harriz announces an excess in funds to go to the citizens.

2018.02.15 04:39 confederalis Anobis joins Mantellia Trade, Director Harriz announces an excess in funds to go to the citizens.

A short, pudgy, bald man stood atop a platform in downtown Worlport. He was dressed nicely and wore a large top hat on his shiny head.
"It pleases me to announce that fellow sector planet and friend, Anobis, has agreed to join Mantellia Trade. It also pleases me to announce that we have an excess of credits due to an influx of tariffs going through our partners. Due to this, every citizen of Ord Mantell will be receiving funds of 100 credits for whatever they choose. Just always remember to pay your taxes and always rememebr to invest in Mantellia Trade!"
With that, Harriz walked off stage smiling and got in a cab. Inside already was Senator Marrid, Vice Director Lonnie Jeraz, and General Juluven Hesserik of the Defense Force. Harriz removed his cap and pulled out a cigar, lighting it and taking a puff.
"They eat that shit up," Harriz said, calmly.
"It won't be long until our "partners" realize we are bankrupting their banks with our little scheme. What do you propose we do then?" said Jeraz.
"We tell the Sun and the traders to lower the amount of imports going into those planets. Then we raise taxes slightly here and pay off the debts to our partners. Their banks are filled up again, our citizens are still happy, and the company is still thriving," Harriz said, puffing his cigar in between sentences.
"And most importantly," Markin said," Our pockets are full."
Jeraz spoke up quickly, saying," But what if someone catches on? What if someone tells the press and all our partners back out? Our stock would plummet. Everyone who invested would be kriffed."
Harriz silenced the younger man as he took another puff. "No need to worry about that. My men run a tight ship. No one will catch on. I guarantee it..."
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2017.12.27 23:46 Hardyisliving Story about Friendship Breakdown. Advice Needed

Hello everyone,
I'm in need of some serious therapy here! I need some advice from people I don't know and for it to be as unbiased as possible. This is without any of my family getting involved, any if my friends or my future spouse.
So what has happened? I have had what I seemed to think was a best friend since I was born, we grew up together, went to college together and lived next door to each other for years. The best if friends, we made New friends together and had a group amongst us, the lot of us became good friends.
Of course Over the years, mostly in our twenties we Seperated, had different lives he had a life in a new city and I started a new life travelling, living in Canada and working on Cruise Ships, so hanging out became less and less. We also met girls and started new lives with our partners, but we still talked to each other and we still hung out here and there and with the group too.
Whilst I was on ships, he was getting marrid so because he was my best friend I thought okay...I will do anything I can to be there for his wedding. This is where it gets really interesting now. Even though all the years of growing up together, talking and saying that we would be each other's best man for the weddings...of course years later I wasn't chosen, he chose the person that had made life very difficult for me back in my college days...a bully in a sense. Anyway...that was a kick in the teeth, I know we may not have spoke so much whilst we led different lives but for him to not choose me was a sick blow and it fucking hurt.
So anyway, yes I know the wedding is about him and his new wife and not me, so I get along with it. I started getting impatient with the friendship group, I had changed so much through my time of travelling and my friends at home didn't seem as...friendly anymore. My definition of a friend certainly changed and I was interested in many different things to them now. I had started distanced myself from most of them from.numerous reasons...but never from my best friend who I still had room for. I tried, he can't say I never tried...numerous times making plans, but his life seemed to have changed a lot with his new wife I was in no way going to get in the way of that.
Then of course I fell in Love. I met a beautiful girl from the Philippines on the ship, an absolute Angel and I proposed to her back in June and we are getting married next year in April. Now I know that may be a quick transition a couple of people but our situation being is that for her to come and live with me in the UK we need to get things going, we want a life together on land eventually. She is my main priority in life now, my main mission in life is to make her happy because she makes me happy. We are going to.marry in the Philippines in April 2018.
Anyway...So what do you think I did? I of course asked him to become my best man and I asked a couple of the guys in group to be there too and be my groomsmen...
Of course little by little they all dropped out of my wedding, reasons being different to each other, no money basically, they all have plans and the trip to Philippines from UK would prove to expensive for them.
But for me when.I go out with them for a drink.on boxing day to celebrate Christmas with them they are talking about all of the plans they will make over the next year in front of me about trips here and there. One friend even talked about his own wedding plans, he wanted certain people to be his best man and groomsmen without him even having proposed to his girlfriend yet!!! He wants a trip to Vegas for his bachelor party, from England no less too... I mean what the actual fuck... to do that in front of me is very inconsiderate as he has denied himself coming to my wedding. The kicker is I don't even.want a bachelor party, I just wanted my friends to be there for the wedding. This friend had been with his girlfriend for less than 4months...I've been his friend for 10+ years.
My best friend, my supposed best man now has dropped out on me stating that he and his Mrs are trying for a child and need to save for a new house...fair enough okay...You see I really don't know what to think about that one really. It's another kick in the teeth, it's another major blow. It's embarrassing to twice be rejected like that. I mean this is supposed to be my best friend...My best man... I did everything to be home for his wedding, I made a lot of sacrifices for him just to be there, taking six months off the ship just so I could be there, I built my expectations up that time and was relayed with what I felt was I feel angry at him, disappointed at him, sad and very very frustrated at the fact I have people like this as my friends.
Does he have a leg to stand on? If he wanted to be there for my wedding he would have made the effort right? They all would have...but they haven't. I feel like they are jealous of me because of my travels around the world, and I am marrying someone exotic from a foreign country, these are my thoughts but these thoughts are more like a "you know what fuck you, I did this" thoughts.
I feel like almost 30years of friendship is about to be completely diminished. Life is split up into parts, I am about to enter a new part with my new wife and new life. Should I just get rid of these friends, delete them off facebook and move on...??? I am so confused at this point in life.
My future wife is very upset also, my family too...I just want some advice from someone...tell me what I need to hear, unbiased. I am in a pretty shitty place right now because I feel like my friendships are toxic and now my "best friend" is completely lost
I know there's a lot to read, but if anyone answers'd be helping out a fellow human being from having a mental break down and saying something to him and them I might regret.
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2016.09.07 17:24 justlikeut [Remorse] I no longer want to be a parent to my adopted son

I was with my partner and later my wife (same sex) since we were 23. We marrid when it became legal and opted to foster kids. Out of the blue, we were asked if we would take in a newborn baby whose mom literally ran off from the hospital after giving birth and we did. Three years later, I find out my wife is cheating on me with her business partner and she wants a divorce but no custody. She basically left me with the kid. He is now 6 and I have lost all interest in him. I never wanted to be a fulltime parent. That was my wife's thing. Besides, he would be much better off being raised by a man than a woman. He is very much a boy. I know it is fucked up, but if I could meet a man who would want to be this boys dad then I would agree to it.
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